What is Aerobarrier?

Aerobarrier is a revolutionary full building air sealing method.  Unlike traditional air sealing, it does not rely on sealing by hand and shows results live.  It also allows for an entire house or floor of a building to be sealed at the same time, dramatically reducing work time.  Most houses can be sealed in just one day, requiring minimal disruption to other trades.

Before and after results with Aerobarrier air sealing. Notice the knock outs in the back were also filled.

The Method:

1)  Perform a blower door test to determine initial building leakiness.

2)  Prepare the building by covering operable windows, registers, exhaust fans, etc.  Seal any exposed large gaps in the building envelope (larger than 5/8″).

3)  Set up nozzles and Aerobarrier control unit.

4)  Start sealing process.  Aerobarrier sealant flows through nozzles forming a mist and “seeks out” gaps and cracks.  Sealant builds up on the edges until the gaps are sealed.

5)  Once complete, remove protective coverings and pack up equipment.  Results are recorded on a sealing certificate.



The video below gives a great visual demonstration of how Aerobarrier works:

The Material:

Aerobarrier sealant has the following characteristics:


  • A water based liquid acrylic

  • Rated for 50+ years

  • Applied as an ultra fine mist

  • Non-toxic and Greenguard Gold rated (certified to the highest levels of health requirements and approved for use in schools and hospitals)

  • Hardens to a consistency similar to traditional caulking

  • 0 Flame Spread (ASTM E84), 0 Smoke Developed (ANSI/UL 263)

Aerobarrier is the most reliable and fastest method of effectively air sealing a building, whether it is new construction or existing.  It is effectively the only method of air sealing an existing building without tearing all of the walls open.

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